I've read an article recently which has the title "Intel To Release Most Powerful Mainstream Processor Ever To Beat AMD" (link). I feel something is missed between "Intel" & "To". So the question what does "Intel To Release" mean and what's the name of this kind of construction.

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This is non-standard English, which is common in headlines. According to Cambridge Dictionary:

"The main features of the grammar of headlines are the use of a series of nouns and the use of ellipsis (leaving out words which are not necessary)"


"Headlines often use the to-infinitive form to refer to future events"

For more information, also read their article on ellipsis.


1 "Newspaper Headlines - English Grammar Today." Cambridge Dictionary. Accessed March 24, 2018. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/types-of-english-formal-informal-etc/newspaper-headlines.


It's headline English, an abbreviated style that, at the least, omits articles and forms of "to be". It keeps headlines brief, so the large type takes up less space, and it adds impact by removing weak words, leaving the words that convey the essential meaning. See https://malcolmsenglishpages.com/situations/newspaper-headline-english/ for examples.

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