I have tried searching in a number of places but could not find a reliable article/documentation that lists the official abbreviation of "week".

There were however a couple of articles that said that there is no official abbreviation for week.

If you do know the abbreviation, also please share the source.

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    If you are unable to find an official abbreviation, and you have found evidence that there is no official abbreviation, why are you assuming that the evidence you've found is incorrect? – Jeff Zeitlin Mar 13 '18 at 15:15
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    Because that is just off articles and not from official ISO documentation. – Abhishek Nandgaonkar Mar 13 '18 at 15:17
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    If the only satisfactory denial of an abbreviation would be from ISO documentation, why is non-ISO assertions of existance going to be satisfactory? It seems to me that you should be contacting ISO to make your inquiry, not StackExchange. – Jeff Zeitlin Mar 13 '18 at 15:21
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    Why would we need an abbreviation for 'week' ? – Nigel J Mar 13 '18 at 16:04
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    How about wk., wks.? – KarlG Mar 13 '18 at 19:15

As KarlG and Barmar suggest, "wk" is a common abbreviation. So common, in fact, that if you look that up, you get:

WK abbreviation for (Telecommunications) week

(Collins English Dictionary via thefreedictionary.com) Other definitions for "wk" are also available, but there isn’t a standard SI unit abbreviation for a week, since the international standard unit of time is the second.

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    "wk" does seem like the most used abbreviation. Thanks. – Abhishek Nandgaonkar Mar 13 '18 at 21:06
  • It’s too broad to have a firm definition. Even a "working week" varies quite a lot, so I’d be surprised if there’s an "official" designation for the abbreviation. – Pam Mar 13 '18 at 21:22

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