I have a grammar question. I have seen that in news paper reporting writers almost always use "past tense". Can you please tell me why?

  • Silliguri, November 15 : Another Mig fighter plane of the Indian Air Force crashed near a tea garden here resulting in the death of flying officer A.S. Chowhan and wing commander N. Dogra.

My question is, can I use "present perfect" as I have mentioned no time frame. Actually it's a sentence from my grammar book and it uses simple past tense.

  • Kolkata, March 9 : Team India pacer Mohammed's Shami's wife, Hasin Jahan has accused him of infidelity and physical assault over several months. On Wednesday, a day after she posted a series of screenshots that she claimed were conversations between Shami and other women, She went to Lalbajar police station with her lawyer to meet senior cops.

I found the above reporting from my newspaper. I doubt if it is also corect to use "simple past" tense in the first sentence.

I think "present perfect tense" is also correct as there is no time frame mentioned.

Can any native speaker please help me? 

  • There are many ways to present an idea (in English, though presumably in other languages as well). Your argument for the present perfect is that it doesn't impose a time frame. I don't think you've established that the simple past does, or alternatively, if it does, that it does so inappropriately. – Lawrence Mar 10 '18 at 11:50

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