I am still not 100% sure which career I want to choose. Or: I am still not 100% sure about which career I want to choose?

Which sentence is correct and if there's a better way to form this sentence please help. :)


I think both sentences are right, but in different contexts and that people use the two phrases interchangeably.

The first (sure which) has to do mainly with the idea of choosing among a group of alternatives you could have been presented or simply are expected to choose. The second example (sure about...), might be considering wider range of opinions or considerations, but abstract. An opinion a thought, I mean, the career you might finally want to choose based on someone´s idea. One other way to better understand is through these sentences:

If you are not sure about which area your information is related to, please select "General". i Be sure about which jail he or she is in.

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