Take these sentences which make use of the noun advantage:

  1. There are advantages and disadvantages to working in this industry.
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of working from Home.

My question is: What is the difference between the use of prepositions 'to' and 'of' after advantage?

Also, sometimes people use phrases with 'to' like in the following:

there are a couple elements to this process

Would it be correct to use 'of' (a couple elements of this process)?


Advantage to is prefered using with very formal things. For example:

The advantage to living in a big city is that one can have a higher chance securing a good job

The advantages to having family and friends around in your life are ...

Advantage in is used in the opposite way, with small and particular things. For example:

The advantages in brushing your teeth everyday are...

The advantages in having a smartphone are...

Advantage of can be used in both situations (in academic writing I personally will use the two above for a good mark), and in any other situtations in the middle.

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    "Advantages in" is not a very common phrase, both of your examples work better with "of", and it doesn't related to the question. – Freddie R Oct 11 '18 at 11:27

"Advantage of" is used to explain the benefits of something which is in support. But "advantage to" is used to explain the benefits against something.

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    That doesn't sound right; both forms can be supportive, though advantage to can be followed by the beneficiary of the advantage (e.g. advantage to you). Please substantiate your assertion. – Lawrence Feb 28 '18 at 14:53

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