I am looking for an English word that describes the action of understanding a question that is about to be asked, and answering it before it is verbalized.

For example: this would be without 'it':

Person 1: I love dogs.

Person 2: Which breed of dogs are your favorite?

Person 1: Golden retrievers.

And this would be with 'it':

Person 1: I love golden retriever dogs.


Person 1 is giving a pre-emptive answer:

taken as a measure against something possible, anticipated, or feared; preventive; deterrent:

a preemptive tactic against a ruthless business rival.

The question is anticipated by person 1 and so they give a pre-emptive answer.


Based on the question, I would think you could use presumptive to describe this sort of response.

Person 1: I love dogs.

Person 2(presumptively):I like Golden retrievers.

Certainly, other situations might suggest other terms. But the question here, I think, leads to presumption

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