I am looking for a specialized word that means "what you are specifically asking".

Take for example the question: "What is a green, herbivore reptile?" In that example, the thing (for which I'm looking the right word), is "color=green; diet=herbivore; class=reptile".

One word that has crossed my mind is "qualification", but I wonder if there are any better alternatives?


I would suggest just using parameters.

Parameter (n)

any of a set of physical properties whose values determine the characteristics or behavior of something

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  • Thanks for the suggestion. Your word comes close to what I was looking for. Another word that I like is "specification". – Will.Mclt Feb 16 '18 at 18:36


A word from computing that is used to express the 'variable data' that comes back from a question or query.

Meaning: 'A data item that may take on more than one value during the runtime of a program' - eg 'black', 'green' , 'brown', or 'T. Rex', 'Stegosaurus', 'Triceratops', or 'dinosaur type'.


  • Please respond with any of these variables: green, brown, black
  • Please give a answer for 'dinosaur' by completing these variables: colour=, diet=, class=.


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