I'm not talking about computers and coding!

Imagine there are some necessary information for doing a certain operation and they leaked out so the operation must be cancelled now!

and Can I say "He leaks the information"? or "the information leaks"?

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    an "accidental information leakage" as you describe could be referred to as an indiscretion, so you could say that "he was indiscrete" with respect to the leaked information. However, depending upon context, other words might be more appropriate.
    – Lee Leon
    Commented Feb 14, 2018 at 10:16

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I wouldn't say "he leaks the information" because that sounds a bit like he is going for a pee. Also "the information leaks" implies that the information is an entity unto itself and decided to leak.

Alternatives include:

  • The information was leaked
  • There was a breach
  • There was a breach in security
  • Due to a security violation
  • The enemy came by critical information
  • Security was breached
  • A process failure lead to ...
  • An unauthorized disclosure
  • An accidental information leak occured
  • Unauthorized data access lead to ...
  • He divulged their secrets
  • He passed on classified information
  • The details were exposed

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