My parents, Bianca and Ivan, are currently married and have always been since I was born.

Bianca had a previous relationship with Henry with whom she had a son named John, thus John and I are half-brothers. John has two other half-brothers named David and Santiago, they all share the same father but I do not have any parents in common them.

Ivan (my birth-father) had a previous relationship with Alicia and they have two sons named Frank and Ernst, so Frank and Ernst are my half-brothers. Ivan also had a relationship with Katy and they have a daughter named Pamela, so Pamela and I are half-siblings. Pamela also has a half-sister named Merari because they have the same birth-mother.

Merari, Santiago, and David and I are not blood-related, but they share the same half-siblings with me.

Is there a name for this relationship? I’m just curious.

  • It's called the new world family! (Technically accurate description: David is my half-sibling's half-sibling but not my full- or half-sibling.) If there isn't a word for it now then there will be in future. – English Student Feb 8 '18 at 20:59
  • Try Googling "Inheritance Law". People with the remotest claims to fortune have been trying their luck for centuries. Lawyers and courts have this nailed. – Global Charm Feb 8 '18 at 22:20
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    There are too many "Ivans" in this anecdote. Could you just narrow it down to one instance of the relationship you seek, please? Use pseudonyms if necessary so that there is only one of any name. I suspect the answer is "You're not related," but currently it's just too complicated to be sure. – Andrew Leach Feb 8 '18 at 22:33
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    To avoid confusion, as pointed out by @Andrew Leach, this question could be simplified as follows: "John is my half-brother having the same mother. John has another half-brother David having the same father, entirely unrelated to me. So David and I are unrelated by blood or marriage but we have the same half-sibling (John) -- is there a word for how David and I are related?" – English Student Feb 9 '18 at 3:55
  • "friends-in-law, once removed" – squidlydeux Feb 9 '18 at 4:05


Paraphrasing Dictionary.com:

The son (/daughter) of one's stepparent who is not the son (/daughter) of either of one's biological parents. The stepson (/daughter) of one's parent who is not one's half-brother (/sister).

This is used when parents with existing children remarry, even if no "bridge" half-sibling comes along later; and there's no point in making up another term.

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    Hm...looks like this has been a draft since OP first posted the question. – Spencer Mar 28 '18 at 23:13
  • So do they count as stepsiblings or no? – Samuel Aug 18 '18 at 6:26
  • @Samuel Yes, but the gendered terms are more commonly used. – Spencer Aug 18 '18 at 12:19

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