For example, can I say:

Have you got checked the fuses by electrician?

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  • AmE would likely say: Did you get the fuses checked by an electrician? But if you insist on the present perfect: Have you gotten the fuses checked by an electrician? BrE no longer uses gotten in any context. – KarlG Feb 2 '18 at 12:43

That example sentence is wrong. You could say "Have you had the fuses checked by the electrician?" or "Have the fuses been checked...?"

In informal speech I have heard something like "Have you got beaten at football again?" but in formal language "been" would replace "got".

"Have you got it solved?" works as a question to a maths student who has been struggling with a problem. So on the basis that a single example shows that something is possible, the answer to your question is "yes you can", but I had to think hard to come up with that example. It is not a common construction and not for formal use..

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