In our system we have the ability to 'like' someone. Similar to how you like someone on social media websites.

Is there a term for someone who has been liked? As in a 'Likee'? Similar to how you have a 'Payee' and a 'Payer'.

  • A person can be the recipient of likes. Commented Feb 1, 2018 at 16:43
  • Sounds like a 'Likee' to me ... or should that be 'Lickee'? ,,, hm, maybe that depends on how Hot there are. Commented Feb 2, 2018 at 12:17

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If this is a question of naming something in software, I would use “liked” as a noun (“[the] liked”), or an adjective (“liked person”) especially if there are other things that can be “liked” (pages, posts, comments, &c.). In speech or a user interface, that might come across as rather formal, though, like “the accused” or “the deceased”, so there I might phrase it differently—e.g., “people you’ve liked”.


He is a most popular "Cyberstar".

She is an "Internet celebrity".

These words we can use in the context.


If the liking is reciprocal, you could call them a friend.

In the Slashdot system, people you like are your friends, people who like you are your fans. People you dislike are your foes, and people who dislike you are your freaks, which is a bit weak and presumably only chosen for alliterative reasons.

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