I would like to describe a certain orderliness found in music like Bach and elsewhere, that I find to resemble (in metaphorical terms) the architecture and construction of a cathedral. It would be for use in a sentence such as the following:

"The music he wrote had a cathedral-like orderliness."

Instead of "cathedral-like," however, I would like to use a word such as "cathedraline" or "cathedralesque." But I'm not sure a word like those actually exists. Any help welcome, many thanks.


Cathedral actually means the housing of the seat of a bishop, although the term is often used for an imposing building. So, a term referring to a cathedral may not be what you want
I would suggest edificial as useful for your purpose.

The music he wrote had an edificial orderliness.

Dictionary.com comes close to providing a definition of edificial that meets your need.

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    The seat of a bishop is a cathedra, not a cathedral. Cathedral is in fact just an adjective derived from that word, meaning ‘pertaining to a cathedra’; the main noun ‘church’ has been washed away by the centuries. Since the adjective cathedral means, essentially, ‘chair-like’, I agree that it’s probably not the best term for the context sought here; but the inaccuracy of the rest stays my upvoting finger. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Feb 1 '18 at 1:33

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