I'm working on creatives for one of my products. Within this product I have a feature that allow users to repost from Facebook. When the user repost he has the option to "keep"/"add" the Watermark from the original user, or he can leave the Watermark section blanked, no watermark.

From a research I've made some users looking for Watermark, tho most of them looking for No Watermark.
I'm trying to understand what would be the correct phrasing for a case like that, containing the need both for the "I need watermark" users and for the "I want no watermark on my repost" users. The creative is limited in spacing, so shorten phrases are highly preferable. 4 words max.

A few ideas came to my mind:

  • Customisable Watermark
  • Remove or Keep Watermark
  • With or Without Watermark

But I'm not a native speaker, so i'm sure there is a better and shorter options.

What are your thoughts?

  • He word you want is optional, or any of the synonyms listed for that word in a thesaurus.
    – Dan Bron
    Jan 29, 2018 at 12:32
  • Hey @DanBron , thank you for replying! You mean that "Optional Watermark" is the needed Phrase? Is it explicit enough for your opinion?
    – Roi Mulia
    Jan 29, 2018 at 12:40

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Before I add my own alternatives to wording an option for a case like this, I'd like to tell you that your ones would perfectly do the job. The first one does seem very official to me, like a caption from Microsoft Office Word, whereas the last two (especially the last one) are kind of not that formal. Remember, it is only my opinion.

  • Watermark ON or OFF
  • Optional Watermark
  • Watermark to be chosen

They are of only three, but I hope they helped.


Are you looking for a form label or a word that might be understood in an array of optional attributes ? Is it a variable name for a boolean or a 'tag-name' ?
Would you like the ability for more than a boolean answer to the same human readable trait ?

I might suggest "Watermarked" for a condition name.

variable name "watermarked" would suggest both purpose and state ...

It would lead to strong presumption that it would be a boolean however .. depending on the language you used and your workflow conventions. If you are strict naming booleans like isWatermarked or watermarked? that would be less an issue.

With a "watermarked" named condition, it could instead be one of a set of string conditions that might be expanded "original watermark" , "watermark removed" , "no watermark" ?

The term could work nicely if it were only included in an array of attributes in the included state too.

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