When I was studying English Grammar, I was asked to spot the error

I've submitted my documents last week.
I submitted my documents last week.

What is wrong/the difference between both of these sentences?

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    Questions that simply ask users where is the error, and to correct them is off-topic on EL&U. These questions look like homework tasks and members believe that learners should solve these problems by themselves. BUT sometimes the answer can be tricky, and the person asking may not understand "why" an answer is wrong. In which case they should EXPLAIN their confusion, and demonstrate they have some basic understanding of the problem at hand. Basically, if you show some EFFORT, the community will be pleased to help out.
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I think both are correct, but the first one emphasise its current status of having been submitted.

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    This question is not suitable for EL&U. It belongs on ELL. It is not helpful to answer this sort of question as it is off-topic.
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