I have been searching for an idiom for saddened for quite a while now, and am not found an answer that satisfied me.

I have found the idioms below

• down in the dumps- Someone who is down in the dumps is depressed or feeling gloomy.

• down in the mouth- When someone is down in the mouth, they look unhappy, discouraged or depressed.

• face like a wet week-end

however, those didn't suit my needs as the emotion it was expressing was a bit too strong for me, as I was simply describing a scene where the dreary weather influenced my mood (sort of like saddened).

I am thinking if there's any idioms or phases or just words which describes my situation. Thankyou !

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    Having the sads (SADS — seasonal affective disorder syndrome). That’s what many people say in my area in the depths of winter. – Livrecache Jan 27 '18 at 5:40
  • How about "out of sorts". – Steve Lovell Jan 28 '18 at 8:57

A common idiom is rainy day blues. It's hard to find a dictionary entry, but there are plenty of uses on the internet, including this one from a British newspaper.

It's generally understood to be caused by the weather, temporary, not too serious and with a strong element of boredom - just what you're looking for!


If you really mean "… due to the weather" then the usual expression would be "under the weather".

How does that not suit your search, please?


The "winter blahs" or "rainy day blahs" describe this exact feeling. Not abject depression but simply the blahs.

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