It's important and I want to make sure I understand it correctly before replying or reacting in any way.


John here from billing.

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your case. After a detailed review, I've found that those instances has been deleted, I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve approved a billing adjustment of 400 USD for charges on your January bill, which has been applied as a credit to your account. This credit will automatically apply and can be referenced in the following link...

Does it mean they dropped my billings? The language is somewhat unclear to me.

A little background: I had a billing of 310$ that seemed to keep getting bigger even though I canceled their service when it reached 270$ or so. Now it seems that this service's billing was removed from my billings page.


It means they are giving you a $400 credit which will be automatically applied to your billing account.

So if your outstanding bill was -$310, and now you get a +$400 credit, then your now have a +$90 credit left on your account.

  • It looks contextually likely (given John from billing said Thank you for your patience) that by the time they finished reviewing the case, the erroneous billings had reached $400 (or thereabouts - if it was much less one might have expected John to say that they were making an additional adjustment by way of compensation for the inconvenience). So OP probably shouldn't be looking for +$90 credit on his account. Jan 26 '18 at 15:59

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