I responded today on a Stack Exchange site and later realised that my words had been of a slightly different character than if I had, say, left a post-it note on a colleague's desk whom I knew by face-to-face conversation.

This is not because of anonymity as I choose not to be anonymous on the internet and my personal details are freely available to anyone who can be bothered to look.

I was not being deliberately discourteous or disrespectful, nor was I being consciously confrontational or abrupt. But my written response was just lacking in humanity, merely because that person's presence is limited to being transitory (yes, I know it is archived - I mean what is visible) text on a screen.

I have already exhausted my own - related - vocabulary in the preceding paragraph, so what else might fit in the following sentence ?

Because it was an internet communication, my attitude was somewhat _________.


I’d use impersonal:

without human warmth; not friendly and without features that make people feel interested or involved. (Cambridge Dictionary)

  • Because it was over the internet my attitude was somewhat impersonal.


Aseptic :

lacking vitality, emotion, or warmth. (M-W)


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