I have the following sentence.

The second metric is top-k accuracy, which calculates the percentage of query images whose k nearest neighbors contain at least one image of the same class.

In the above sentence, I use of in one image of the same class. But someone told me to use with. I can not decide which one is more suitable? Is it proper to use either of the two words?

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My thoughts are as follows:

"of" is used when talking about images in your case of the same type or class.

"with" would be used if "class" was an attribute of your image. For example "The image with the same colorscheme".

So in your case i'd say "of" is the correct word to use.

  • I also think of is more appropriate, but since I am not a native speaker, I am not 100% sure.
    – jdhao
    Jan 17, 2018 at 13:11

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