I am looking for two words or possibly one.

  1. When a device like a cell phone or laptop has not been opened to be repaired. For example if you open its back panel, it looses its guarantee.

  2. If you buy a device such as a brand new cell phone or TV, and you are the first person to open its box by cutting/tearing the seal, what is that called?

I can think of "a sealed box/phone; untouched, intact, security sticker, warranty void sticker,

  • The seal is called a tamper evident seal. The product is untampered with. – Phil Sweet Jan 11 '18 at 3:03

Unopened/Unused is the designation for pristine product.

Collectibles are so designated :

Brand New Unopened/Unused Product 110 Bulk Collectible

Amazon (Pokemon)

This is also the designation of products lawfully destroyed under Health Policy :

Unopened, Unused Prescription Drugs Destroyed at Taxpayer Expense

Health Law

It is also the designation used by retailers with regard to their returns policies :

you may return any unopened and unused items to us within 14 days of receipt.

Customer Services

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