What are some synonyms for 'the extent to which'?

E.g. I want to say:

The extent to which electoral fraud occurred will affect the validity of the result.

But having used 'the extent to which' about a dozen times in my essay it would be good if there were some alternatives I can use. However, apart from 'the degree to which' I can't think of any similar expressions.

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    The level of electoral fraud that occurred...
    – Jim
    Jun 22, 2018 at 2:49

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I would suggest rephrasing your statement and, in the process, making it even more clear. Perhaps this would work:

Evidence of electoral fraud will call into question the validity of the result.

I basically replaced "The extent to which ... occurred" with "Evidence of ..."

Also, I replaced affect with call into question because something is either valid, or it is not. There is no degree to validity. The extent of electoral fraud won't make the result less valid. Rather, it will make it more likely that the question will arise of whether to invalidate the result.

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