How would one call a room in a warehouse where some goods are accepted for storage and some goods are "shipped away" to the customer? Would "room for the acceptance and shipment (shipping) of goods" fit?

The Russian phrase is

• Помещение для проведения приёмки и отгрузки товара;

(from a list of logistics hub design requirements)

I always have trouble translating the Russian term "отгрузка" = "withdrawing of something out from storage and placement of it into a transportation vehicle in order to be directed to the customer/client". I'm unsure whether the word "shipping/shipment" really corresponds precisely to the Russian word.

The Russian word does not imply the actual process of transportation, only this initial bit of getting the goods out of storage, filling the necessary papers, and placement of the goods into vehicles, maybe owned by another firm, some third-party transportation company.

Maybe "dispatch of goods" would correspond, but is it really used? It looks and sounds odd. "Sending away of goods" is simplistic. Hm... "Room for the acceptance and sending of goods".. I dunno.

  • The intention of the room is unclear. A room is closed or has limited access through doors. In a warehouse, are you sure you're not talking about an area of the warehouse where these goods are placed? Also, is this room (or area) a place to put goods temporarily for a an hour or a day as one stage/one planned part of a longer shipping process, or for a few weeks until requested by some other independent process? – Mitch Dec 28 '17 at 16:17
  • The term I've heard of used in this way in the retail context before was 'cage', basically a large static lockable area where goods were placed that were either being stored, or awaiting dispatch onward. This only applied to higher value goods, and the 'cage' was locked, with only senior staff having access to the keys: securitycagesdirect.co.uk/industry/retail while not tecnically a room it acted as one, as it was built into the mezzanine floor. – Gary Dec 28 '17 at 16:18
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    'receiving area' which is probably near the 'loading dock', if the shipping vehicles (trucks, trains, container ships) are dropping off things. But it sounds like you might want the name of the area for packages/pallets/containers to be placed before they're put on the vehicles for transportation. Which one is it, the place after dropping things off, or the place for before they are shipped? – Mitch Dec 28 '17 at 16:23
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    CowperKettle: hm... a lot of questions like these are best answered by people who are actually there. But I'd add to @FumbleFingers suggestion 'staging area', which could work for both incoming and outgoing packages. – Mitch Dec 28 '17 at 18:58
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    Sounds like Holding Area. – Autoresponder Dec 28 '17 at 19:04

Shipping and Receiving Facility

I think shipping fits your definition of the "withdrawing of something out from storage and placement of it into a transportation vehicle in order to be directed to the customer/client." That's why the shipping date is always the date at which items are loaded onto the delivery vehicle for transport. When we are talking about the actual transit of the items and their arrival at a destination, we use the terms delivery estimate and delivery date respectively.

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