I'm creating a clone of a popular app (let's call it Appo), and with time, I foresee the clone looking less like the original.

The best description I could come up with for this project is:

A supposed-to-be Appo clone

I don't like it and I believe there must be a one-word adjective that can replace 'supposed-to-be'.

  • Uh… no. That has pretty-much nothing to do with English, of any kind. – Robbie Goodwin Dec 22 '17 at 19:56
  • I almost think I wish I knew what you meant by a Google keep clone repository on Github or by as time progresses, it will deviate considerably from what Google Keep currently looks and behaves like. When you want to capture your thoughts above concisely and enter into the optional description field, could you re-phrase that so it meant something useful in English, please? – Robbie Goodwin Dec 22 '17 at 21:09

It sounds as if you are creating a "purported" Google Keep clone.


Etymology: < Anglo-Norman and Middle French purporter (of a text) to have as its import, to signify, to mean, to state or show (a fact) (all first half of the 14th cent. or earlier in Anglo-Norman; end of the 13th cent. or earlier in Anglo-Norman in sense ‘(of a word) to mean, signify’; late 12th cent. in Old French as porporter in sense ‘to involve (as an obligation)’) < post-classical Latin proportare to carry or bear forth (8th cent. in past participle proportatus ), to stretch, extend (from 12th cent. in British sources; from 13th cent. in continental sources; also as porportare ), to have as its import (from c1200 in British sources; also as porportare ) < classical Latin pro- pro- prefix1 + portāre port v.2, perhaps as a remodelling of classical Latin praeportāre to carry in front, in post-classical Latin also to stretch, extend (in an undated source in Du Cange) < prae- pre- prefix + portāre . Compare proport v. In sense 2 (which is apparently not paralleled in either Latin or French) after purport n.; compare purpose v.


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