Let's say I write a StackOverflow answer with a solution to a code problem. And someone I know runs into this problem, so I want to share the link to my answer.

What is the word or phrase to express that i'm sharing this to genuinely help him/her, not to get upvotes or publicity?

EDIT: i'm looking for something like this: "not trying to brag, but this post of mine might help you".

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You could always include the word feel when you share the link. Using this in a statement tends to be interpreted as one being genuine to the cause.

"I feel this article I wrote a while ago may complement your search for answers."


"This might help" could be enough, since "might" mitigates the fact that you accept that it might not. You cannot completely avoid the possibility that people misinterpret a good deed. Won't the attribution be automatically clear in the link, so you won't have to double stress your involvement?

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