The title of a template document I'm translating is quite long and goes like this:

Comparison of the formulations of the drug under development Trade name (INN), dosage form, strength, manufacturer, country and the reference drug product Trade name (INN), dosage form, strength, manufacturer, country.

In Russian it reads just fine, but I'm unsure about the "drug under development" bit in English. Isn't it clumsy? In Russian, the notion is expressed by a single adjective, разрабатываемый (razrabatyvayemyi = being currently developed). The drug is being developed by the company I'm translating the text for.

Is there a way of expressing it in an adjective or adjective phrase in English? The adjective developed would mean that the drug has already been developed, and this would be quite off the mark for my purpose.

I'm thinking of making the whole "drug under development" a parenthesis - for instance, by surrounding it with commas or round brackets.

Comparison of the formulations of Trade name (INN), dosage form, strength, manufacturer, country (drug under development) and Trade name (INN), dosage form, strength, manufacturer, country (reference drug product).

The original title in Russian:

Сравнение составов разрабатываемого лекарственного препарата «Торговое наименование (МНН), лекарственная форма, дозировка», производитель, страна и референтного лекарственного препарата «Торговое наименование (МНН), ЛФ, дозировка», производитель, страна

  • The parentheses don't work, as they make their contents incidental. You presumably want grouping of an important term. – Chris H Dec 14 '17 at 7:36

I can't think of a fitting adjective. Most likely you'll need a phrase and what you have ("the drug under development Trade name") reads ok.

If you are still unhappy, might I suggest changing it to one of these:

  • "the drug currently/presently under development"
  • "the drug currently/presently being developed"
  • "the drug currently/presently in development"

since "currently" adds a little more emphasis on the idea of not being finished, but still in development. I hope that helps


How about using the word 'evolving' as "evolving drug"?

As per google:

evolve means 'to develop gradually' refer in google

OR you can write it as 'drug in development'. It means the drug is in the process of development. Refer for 'in development'

OR you can also write it as "drug in the pipeline" but that also may feel clumsy.

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