What does "all things baseball" mean in the following newspaper quote? How does the noun "baseball" function? My guess is that "baseball" is used as a pseudo-adjective to modify "all things" from behind and that "all things baseball" means "all things about baseball. Am I all wrong?

“This guy [Shohei Otani] consumes all things baseball,” Eppler [Angels' GM] said. “There is not a lot else going on in his world but baseball and training. He does like to read a lot.”

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    Yep, the use of "all things" in that sense is something of an idiom meaning "everything about".
    – Hot Licks
    Dec 12 '17 at 2:13

You are correct.

all things is used an idiom meaning everything to do with or everything about


things macmillan [plural]

all of the aspects of a particular situation

Thus all things baseball, stamp collecting etc. One is consumed by and most knowledgeable in said subject.

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