I tried to translate text:

Offer Declined - Candidate staying at his current job.

Recruiter - Why? This is a great offer. Did you accept a counter offer?

Candidate - NO counter offer. The hiring experience was terrible and lengthy - 6 weeks.

The environment is stale, the team was not welcoming, 4 rounds of interviews (2 phone and 2 in-person) the job description was not anywhere close to what I interviewed for and there is no flexibility or room to advance.

Recruiter - The current offer offers 10K more

Candidate - If you read through the reasons why I declined the offer you'll see that money is not that important.

Employers must realize and acknowledge that the hiring process is broken and flawed. Post jobs that make sense. Treat candidates like Talent, not job seekers. Cut your hiring process by 50% or 60%. Be welcoming, informative and supportive throughout the hiring process. Make us feel welcomed, wanted and appreciated. Not strangers asked why are you here?

No appreciation for our time and interest. No urgency

I said it before and will say it again. To all the EMPLOYERS, RECRUITERS and MANAGERS out there "Attracting talent is a talent. You must have the talent to attract talent" Mike Daly

Well, I clearly got everything except bold line.

He says that employers dont appreciate candidates time and interest in context of advice to employers? and "no urgency" in the same time...

I believe that I miss something here, could you help me?

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  • I'm gonna guess that it should sounds like: Make us feel welcomed, wanted and appreciated. Not strangers asked:"why are you here?" with no appreciation for our time and interest. No urgency. At least it will be pretty close to whole message of the text. – LANimal Dec 12 '17 at 0:25

Seems to me that poor punctuation might be responsible, and the intention might have been “No appreciation for our time and interest, no urgency.” A desire for shared sense of urgency by both parties.

  • You have not adequately explained this answer, and it's not clear what the comma has to do with that interpretation of the passage. The words "no urgency" by themselves might signify that one or both parties needs a greater sense of urgency, but they seem equally likely to signify this as a standalone sentence fragment (preceded by a full stop) and perhaps even more unlikely to signify this when following a comma. (A comma could signal causation: "My lack of urgency is due to your lack of appreciation.") – David K Dec 11 '17 at 15:57

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