When one hears that something smells, one would generally assume that it smells bad.

Isn't there a word which wouldn't bring to mind the idea of a bad odor? For example, how would you describe pot-pourri (assuming you like the smell of pot-pourri)? If possible, I would like an adjective, or a word that could takes the place of an adjective.


How about fragrant or scented? Or you could try sweet-smelling, floral or something else referring to the specific scent.


How about using the word aromatic?

  • Make sure there are no chemists in the audience if you use aromatic. Some of the aromatic compounds are not fragrant at all. – Agriculturist Jan 24 '16 at 4:02


fra·grant /ˈfrāgrənt/ Adjective: Having a pleasant or sweet smell.

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