can anyone help me out with this sentence on error correction ? :

many goods are being manufactured quickly without/ any regard for quality and as consumers we must be / aware of our rights and the government / should penalize them who indulge in unscrupulous business practices

along with this I have one more doubt, how could you use "THEM WHO" in a sentence, is that even grammatically correct ?

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  • You'll need to be more specific. There are many issues with the quote: capitalisation, punctuation, style, etc. This archived blog post might be of some help: Proofreading Questions. – Lawrence Dec 2 '17 at 11:10

In my opinion, just who instead of them who seems to make more sense.

Many goods are being manufactured quickly without any regards for quality. As consumers, we must be aware of our rights andgovernment should penalize who indulge in such unscrupulous business practices.

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