I saw some questions about the causative "get" and understood "get someone to do" and "get someone doing" are almost interchangeable.
However, I wan't able to find an answer about the difference between the causatives "make" and "get."
So let me ask you about the difference.

I find lines in the lyrics of "Russ - Psycho Pt. 2."
Here is the lines:

"She got me going psycho
She got me going down
Down, down
Got me living on a tightrope
She got me going down"

Why is "she got me going psycho" used, not "she made me going psycho"?
What's the difference between "make" and "get"?

Thank you.

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I would interpret 'get someone to do something' as 'ask them to carry out some task for you', as in 'I must get a plumber to repair that dripping tap'.

If you 'get someone doing something' it implies that you are causing them, deliberately or otherwise, to behave in a certain way. A musician might 'get the whole audience dancing', or, in the song you quote, the woman's behaviour has caused the man to feel psychotic.

'Make someone do something' has a stronger implication that the compulsion was deliberate. It would be 'She made me go psycho', not 'going'.


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