I'm having a strong debate with my girlfriend about this one, so I need your help, note that we're not native english speakers.

Basically, I have the following sentence: "Did they saw that?", the context of my question was to determine if her friends have seen a picture that I sent her in the past.

So, which one of these is correct and why?

  1. Did they see that?
  2. Did they saw that?

She keeps telling me about how you have to use the infinitive form of the verb when you use Past Simple, but I keep telling her that if we're talking about the past it's okay to use the second form. Some help?


Yep, I agree that you use the infinitive when using “I did (do something)” so in your example, the correct form is “Did they see that?”

  • Past Simple: - I/she/they didn´t enjoy - Did you/she/they enjoy ? – FrankMK Nov 25 '17 at 9:46

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