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This is from a news article:

"Mr. Trump’s desire to be friends with the “short and fat” ruler of North Korea"

My doubt is that, can we use friends here because friend seems better here. Other examples to take can be:

I want to be friend with him. I want to be friends with them

Which is the way to use "friend" with a "s"

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Plural is used here because it refers to Kim and Trump becoming friends. You could rephrase it to make the grammar used more obvious:

"Mr. Trump wants that Kim and he become friends". The desired end state is "Trump and kim are friends".

You can also say "Mr. Trump wants to become Kim's friend", but that has a slightly different tone and puts Trump on a lower "level" than Kim. Using the wording with plural "friends" implies some kind of a mutual, equal relationship.

  • I was just blown by the explanation . Thank you. That level thing i was un aware of – user261772 Nov 16 '17 at 8:49

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