I'm trying to cite a "P.S." section of a book, Green Grass Running Water by Thomas King, but the page numbers just start again from 1 at the start of the P.S. section (i.e. the next page after 430 is 1). How would I cite from that section? Would it be just (King 15)? That would conflict with the 15th page of the actual novel.

The content is actually taken from a journal as well, so should I cite that instead even though it's from the back of a book?

  • So how is the context of the book cited in the journal? Nov 16 '17 at 10:33
  • In the front of the book (alongside copyright information and ISBN etc) it cites the journal as "Reading Notes taken from [standard MLA citation here]"
    – RetroCraft
    Nov 19 '17 at 0:19

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