This is a GRE text completion sentence

To claim that the prevailing account of an important incident, whether it happened last century or last week, is corrupted by disinformation is to enter _______ waters, for any subsequent account offered is similarly _______ such charges.

These were the options for each blank, the emboldened ones being the right choices.


related to
guilty of
not immune to

What is the sentence talking about when they say "for any subsequent account offered is similarly not immune to such charges." What charges? Because I don't quite understand the second part of the sentence I have a hard time picking a choice as well.

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The claim that the account in question is corrupted by disinformation, is the charge.


This is a rather awkwardly stated question, but "not immune to" simply means that any other claim could also be subject to disinformation. MY condolence to people taking aptitude test.

  • I know right. :( It's for grad school.
    – dnclem
    Nov 6, 2017 at 19:21

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