I would like to know if there is an expression that describes a situation where someone, perhaps your friend, was capable of helping you but they didn't or they chose not to?

Eg: He was was free. He could have come over and consoled me. But he __________________ [didn't help despite the fact that he could].

An expression or a proverb applicable in this situation will do.

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But he 'passed by on the other side'.

This idiom refers to the parable of the Good Samaritan, where certain chose to leave the wounded victim lying on the road, passing by on the other side.

To ignore or avoid someone who is in need of assistance. We as a people cannot continue to pass by on the other side as thousands of our fellow citizens are left on the streets in poverty.

Free Dictionary


"He could have come over and consoled me, but his behavior was omissive."

  • "characterized by omissions" - TFD
  • "failing or neglecting to do" - MW
  • Whenever there is a question about omissive or comissive behavior by an employee or an agency, an investigator's first move is to check the personnel files for ...

"He could have come over and consoled me, but he turned a blind eye to my problems."

  • "to ignore something and pretend you do not see it" - TFD

"There’s so much suffering in the world, you can’t just turn a blind eye to it."

"She chose to turn a blind eye to what she suspected was going on."

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