I'm thinking 'honestly' but I'm not sure that it's captures the harshness or criticalness of the situation. I want to describe someone who is not speaking overly critical of someone but exactly critical.

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    "brutally honest" is a phrase used for this; I don't know of a sw.
    – Xanne
    Nov 3, 2017 at 4:35

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How about, bluntly?

To speak bluntly is to 'speak without trying to be polite or considering other people's feelings'



Speaking directly is to speak -

Straightforwardly; pointedly; simply; plainly; †correctly, rightly (obs.).


. . . our national elections speak directly and forcefully to only a tiny handful of major issues.

Bureaucracy and the Policy Process:

By Dennis D. Riley, Bryan E. Brophy-Baermann


You can use the adverb frankly especially when the harsh truth you are speaking is from your emotive opinion.

"Frankly, good lady, I find you repulsive!"

John decided to be frank with Sam and told him that wearing a Hawaiian shirt to this occasion was not in good taste.

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