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  1. only I eat an apple
  2. I only eat an apple
  3. I eat only an apple
  4. I eat an apple only

3 and 4 sentence are more confusing.., both are same?? please help me guys

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  • hi @clare. link i saw this. still not cleared with 3 and 4. could you please explain in details – Manoj Oct 30 '17 at 12:17

Number 1 essentially implies that you, and you alone are the sole person who eats apples. Number 2 states that the sole food you eat is apples. Number 3 and 4 essentially mean the same thing as number 2, and that is that you only eat apples.

  • Hello, Jilly. This question should not be answered as it has been asked before and shows no research; Clare had already pointed this out. // You fail to distinguish count (an apple) and non-count (the foodstuff apple); admittedly OP probably didn't intend this complication. / (2) is ambiguous, with at least three possible readings. – Edwin Ashworth Oct 30 '17 at 10:40

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