I'm wondering what each word that compromise a compound word is called. For example, You would say:

"Life" is the first ____ in "lifetime". There are two ____s in "lifetime".

Is the answer I am looking for simply "word", or is there another word for this?

Additionally, would a name be considered the same? For example, if someone were named "Hammerfist", would you say that this name is a compound word and would the same rule listed above apply here?

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    They are called 'bases'. – BillJ Oct 22 '17 at 17:45

"Lifetime" is a compound. "Life" is the first root in "lifetime". There are two roots in "lifetime".

See the definition of compound in SIL's Glossary of Linguistic Terms, which defines a compound as "a word containing a stem that is made up of more than one root."

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