I'm doing an English subtitle for my short film. There's this scene where a notorious character is trying to act like a good person but another guy who's used to know him tells sarcastically [a literal translation] "Have you become a human?" What is a good slang/expression for such a

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This typically doesn't come up in discussion:

  • "Are you becoming a human?" //directed toward a cold person
  • "Do I sense a little emotion?" //for someone who exhibits a cold shoulder
  • "Do I detect kindness?" //for someone who seems robotic
  • "Oh, so you're human now?" //for someone who is a sociopath
  • "Woke up with feelings today did we?" //not really the same.
  • "Finally, a real boy?" //a play on Pinnochio
  • "That's noble." //Response to the phrase, but not a direct translation
  • "Are you for real?" //calling someone on their atypical response.
  • "For real?" //shortened version of the last one, more slang.
  • Thanks. "Oh, so you're human now?" seem to fit more but is it really common? Let me make the context clearer: A: [takes out a cigarette and asks] Do you have lights? B: I don't smoke anymore. A: "Oh, so you're human now?" Does it fit?
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  • I've mostly got "for real" out of people since I am most like the sociopathic robot who frequently does not respond to someone empathetically. I would use "Oh, so you're human now" coming from a female or effeminate male to a male. "Are you becoming a human" would be male to male. "For real" or "For realz" coming from a teen. "Are you for real" is a cultural phrase.
    – Patterson
    Commented Oct 21, 2017 at 7:03

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