Looking for a word (verb or adjective) to describe the process of working on something carefully for a lot of time. It should probably be something close to "ponder", but related to working process, not thinking.

I have been working on this project for a lot of time and it's finally done.

Here either the phrase working for a lot of time should be replaced with a verb.
Or for a lot of time should be replaced with an adverb.

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Assiduously seems like a perfect fit.

Assiduously - Adjective:

constant in application or effort; working diligently at a task; persevering; industrious; attentive.

Showing great care and perseverance.

I have been working on this project assiduously and it's finally done.

  • 2 words in answer, actually! Persevere could also be used. Thank you! – Eduard Oct 17 '17 at 10:15

Labor (UK: Labour) verb

work hard; make great effort.

‘And like Mr Sherry, Mr Hillier has laboured for many years and has likewise produced three heavy volumes, the last of which is about to see the light of day in the bookshops.’

‘Suppose that one worker labors for five consecutive years to produce one such engine.’

‘Each labored many years as an attorney before moving to the front office.’

^ from Oxford Living Dictionaries

to exert one's powers of body or mind especially with painful or strenuous effort

'He labored for several years as a miner.'

'I have been laboring through this book for months.'

'She has labored in vain to convince them to accept her proposal.'

^ from Merriam-Webster

  • The word "labor" seems to be referring to the kind of work that a person does not like and although I did not specify it in the post, I was more inclined to find the opposite, meaning "the work that a person enjoys, but where they work carefully and for a lot of time". But anyway, good words, thank you for sharing! – Eduard Oct 18 '17 at 13:03

Tirelessly (Adverb)

Meaning : with great effort or energy.
example : "He worked tirelessly to promote environmental awareness"

Using "tirelessly" however, won't convey that the work was carefully done.

  • Yes, "tirelessly" is probably not the best word. Appreciate your help, though! – Eduard Oct 17 '17 at 10:16

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