I am working on an invitation design for a charity. I am wondering which one of these is correct, Young Men's Committee or Young Mens Committee

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Duplicate of: Is "mens" a valid word?

I added to the top answer in the link above, but it's still being peer reviewed, this is what I wrote:

In old English, plurals were formed with "en": brethren, men, women, children, chicken.

Most of these words except 'brethren' (it is more common to use '2 brothers' instead of '2 brethren')

To show possession of these particular plural words, the correct way would be to treat them as singular:

Men's wear

Children's wear

Source: http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/english/2007/07/mens-or-mens.html

@published is incorrect, but the confusion is understandable.

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In this case, the apostrophe serves little purpose and can be a little confusing since it hints at the men owning the committee. I'd leave it out.

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  • The apostrophe shows that it's a committee of or for young men. Please list a reference showing that "mens" is a word, and what it means. – Davo Oct 13 '17 at 20:39

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