I improved a software test by adding additional checks.

I made the test more thorough, rigorous, and exacting; I ____ it.

What word fits the blank, meaning made-more-exacting?

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    Does it refer to the testing process, or to the software which you are testing? You might say that you intensified the requirements, but a perfect product is still perfect regardless of good testing, great testing, or no testing. – Davo Oct 13 '17 at 13:19
  • @Davo it refers to the test (question edited to clarify this). intensified I think is a good start. In a thesaurus search for that I also see enhanced. – mherzl Oct 13 '17 at 13:22

In this context, you could be said to have refined the test, in that you have made it more exacting.

There is the (apparently obsolete) word specificate which may fit the meaning, but not the context, as I haven't found use of it in such a manner as you seek, i.e. 'I specificated it'


Consider: I tightened it.

‘councillors have asked supermarkets to tighten up car park security’
increase, make stricter, make more rigorous, make more stringent, make more rigid, stiffen, toughen, toughen up, heighten, escalate, scale up
Oxford Living Dictionaries


I'd say your best option here is fortified

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