I'm looking for a word to describe the complement of "to create art". I'm trying to describe the act of being affected by it, or by "receiving" it. Specifically, I want to fill in the blank for the following sentence:

I want to create art that I also enjoy ___.

So far, the best I have is "consuming". However, I do not like that, as it implies the destruction of the art in the process, which often does not apply. Similarly, I rejected "receiving" as it implies an exchange.

I want to stay away from visually-biased words like "seeing", "viewing", or "observing", as much art is not visual. (Think music, food, etc.)

I struggled with "partaking" for the title; I think it's not at all what I want. It also implies activity; what I want is a bit more passive than that.
"Appreciating" is often used in this context, but I find that very awkward, especially when partnered with it's near-synonym "enjoy". I don't find that it conveys my intent well.
Simply leaving it as "[…] that I also enjoy" isn't ideal either; I want to emphasize the dichotomy with the creation, which is also enjoyable.

Does anyone have any ideas?

  • This is subjective. How could you foresee the type of art you want to consume? Shouldn't you appreciate art that surprises you? – samthebrand Sep 10 '11 at 7:30
  • I'm really just concerned with the proper English usage, not the reasonableness of the statement. – Craig Walker Sep 10 '11 at 13:50

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What about experiencing? An experience is

an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone

So it can describe the act of being moved by any piece of art--be it food, music, visual, or something else.

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Generally I think appreciate is used in this context, but without coupling it to "enjoy" since as you mention "appreciate" rather implies enjoyment already.

I want to create art that I also appreciate.

If you are determined to keep the "enjoy" in the sentence, you might say

I want to create art that I also enjoy reveling in.

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"Experiencing" seems extremely suitable to me.

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  • 6
    Agh, 38 seconds after @simchona posted it! – Rae Sep 9 '11 at 17:41

I want to create art that I can immerse myself in.

I want to create art that I can engage in.

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  • Engaging is really a versatile word. – Preet Sangha Sep 10 '11 at 9:30

"Value" may be the type of passive expression you are looking for.

regard something highly: to regard something as important or useful

Though the phrase would be

I want to create art that I also value.

You could also go with

I want to create are that I also find pleasing.

Enjoy is an active word so it will be difficult to enjoy ___ing something passively.

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"Dabbling in an art" seems appropriate, but may be considered slightly deprecating.

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  • +1 for "Dabbling". In my opinion, it is indeed (politely) depreciating, and wholly appropriate until mastery. – PCARR Sep 19 '15 at 16:24

Aesthetically may fit your sentence though I realize it does not answer the question.

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  • Actually that does work reasonably well... thanks! – Craig Walker Sep 10 '11 at 14:56

Not exactly on an appropriately exalted plane, considering your question, but the word that came to mind for me was dig.


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Perhaps patronize is the word you're searching for.

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I could come up with these, but I am not sure if they will fit in.

savour, relish, taste, revel in

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Perhaps, "ingest"? It is a little figurative, but I have heard it used often before.

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