I am looking for a word that would mean to oppose or overthrow the ruler in a monarch (the king or queen) led by another member of the high ranking officials. I considered rebellion but this would have a connotation of a faction of rebels. In my case, the word should rather denote a conspiracy, or an internal struggle of power within the governing authorities while being unknown to the rest of the people of the land.

Maximus led a mutiny against the ruler of the Inhumans

Thank you.

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    An insurgency or a coup, perhaps? I'm not sure they bring in the conspiracy factor, though.
    – Lawrence
    Oct 4, 2017 at 7:42

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If a member of a royal family forcibly takes the throne from the rightful monarch, as though they had the superior right to that throne, then they are said to usurp the throne.

A usurper is often assisted by a cadre of supporters

  • thank you for the definition, it fits the purpose I'm looking for
    – rednryt
    Oct 5, 2017 at 9:12

Coup d'etat or Putsch both imply an action of a small group (presumably of the higher ranks) rather than a popular rebellion. Mutiny is a better word for an insurrection among the lower ranking military against their superiors.


The closest, as mentioned are coup and putsch. Mutiny is for the military and ships. Insurgency is larger scale than you want as is rebellion.

But if you need that specific of a meaning, you'll likely have to use several words because no single one will suffice.

e.g. "A plot/plan/conspiracy to overthrow the King of X"

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