I'm trying to understand this article on the latest Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet and there are some words/phrases I don't quite understand.

  1. Be still my beating wallet.

  2. Cartoonish proportions are backed up by headlights that are no more than slits, and a grille Lady Penelope would be proud of.

  3. Unfortunately it’s just a Vision for now, but nothing about the technology is beyond the realms of possibility. So, let’s hope enough well-heeled and well-lubricated punters at Pebble Beach told Mercedes they wanted to buy one immediately

  4. (Not included in the above webpage) Perfect for the French Riviera, not ideal in your local NCP

I've first looked them up in the dictionary and then I googled all of them. Here is what I could come up with so far:

  1. Be still my beating wallet. : Don't be upset with the price of the car.

  2. The google search taught me Lady Penelope is is a fictional character in a British TV series in the mid-60s. I also found out that she drove FAB 1, which has a front grille similar to the one we see in the 6 cabriolet. So I took them to mean "even Lady Penelope would approve of the front grille of the 6 cabriolet."

  3. I suppose the word "Vision" means two things: the car itself (Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet) and the future in which new versions of the car will be launched. I don't quite see the logical connection between the first sentence and the second one, so I'm not sure why the author uses So in this context. I understand well-heeled and well-lubricated punters to simply mean "rich people".

  4. I suppose NCP is a bus company so I understand the above to mean "Not ideal for your local bus company", which doesn't quite make sense.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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    "just a Vision for now" means that it hasn't yet been produced for sale--the model shown at Pebble Beach (top U.S. car show) is probably the only one that exists. So (meaning thus), it will be produced if enough people tell Mercedes they're willing to buy one. (I don't know what NCP means--this seems to be British.) Everything else I think you've got right. – Xanne Sep 23 '17 at 6:12

Be still my beating wallet paraphrases - perhaps lampoons - Be still my beating heart, meaning roughly, Wow! That sets my heart pounding but hey! Let’s try to stay calm about it.

Having ridden in the real FAB 1 yes, I promise a grille Lady Penelope would be proud of means she’d not only approve of it, but might well aspire to having one. 
 In just a Vision for now, nothing would change if So was dropped but that the sentence would become the more readily understandible. well-heeled and well-lubricated punters does mean rich people.

In Britain, anyway, NCP stands for National Car Parks; hopefully self-evident. Does that make more sense?

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