This Quora question is about Jon Skeet that was answered by himself. He used this phrase - "whatever you happen to think that's worth" (3 paragraph, end of the 1st sentence). What does that mean? I don't get it, please explain.

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Let me put it into context. Quoting from same article.

In terms of "fame" - I joined Stack Overflow on September 26th 2008, and reasonably rapidly (around January 2009?) ended up as the "top user" in terms of reputation - whatever you happen to think that's worth.

What he is trying to say is, reputation is not as much of worth to him. But for some people reputation on Stack Overflow is a benchmark of how much one knows about programming and stuff.

Some people give too much importance to reputation and spend quite a lot of time to see that graph go up. Whereas some people come in for real discussion and problem solving.

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