The Swiss bridge is also longer than the so-called "footbridge in the sky." This bridge, built in 2014, is part of the Sochi Sky Park in Russia. It spans 439 meters and includes observation platforms looking on the mountains and the Black Sea Coast。 source link

What does look on mean in the case highlighted above?

  • I would assume that the meaning is that a person can stand on one of the platforms and admire the mountains & sea coast. "...platforms overlooking the mountains..." would be more idiomatic. – Hot Licks Sep 22 '17 at 2:00
  • That's not idiomatic English to me (Aus). I'd say "overlooks" or "looking out over". – Steve Bennett Sep 22 '17 at 8:15

In this sentence "looking on" means that from the observation platforms, you can see the mountains and the Black Sea Coast.

To reword the sentence:

It spans 439 meters and includes observation platforms that face in the direction of the mountains and the Black Sea Coast.

I looked online for the various uses of "look on" but I found no evidence of it being used in the same way as your example sentence.

I believe that the person who wrote this sentence meant to write "looking out on" which is a common phrase meaning "to be oriented in a certain direction."

Here are examples of "look out" and other phrases used in the same context that are more common.

From the windows on the observatory floor 5m below the ocean surface, you can gaze out at the sea.

...the Octagon Room... is well known to Londoners from the great north window which looks out straight over the river...

The window looks out to this view here.

The house looks out on a tennis court.

The apartment overlooks the Hudson.

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