There is this epistemic phenomenon X and we might take different approaches in explaining it. But one or more approaches come to mind sooner that others, perhaps because they are more well known or more received or ... .

Is there any word for such feature? Words such as "at hand", "close", "available" seem to me to have other connotations.

  • precocious - appearing or developing early – Drew Sep 17 '17 at 1:27

The first word that comes to mind (wink) is obvious.

"...perhaps because they are more well known or more received or more obvious."

easy to see, recognize, or understand.

Many synonyms of obvious would also work, for example:

  • apparent
  • accessible
  • straightforward
  • explicit



My initial suggestion is initial.

existing or occurring at the beginning.

"our initial impression was favourable"

  • Initial is precisely the word that means 'comes before others'. It's just the Latin word for 'first', and that's what 'first' means. And that's the epistemic sense, all right. – John Lawler Sep 17 '17 at 2:39

It could be the word familiar ; easy to recognize because of being seen or heard before.

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