Being from Argentina, my native language is Spanish, but I love English. I started learning when I was six years old and I can't stop finding it wonderful. I always read long books in English and watch TV shows and videos. I even say English words when talking in Spanish because I almost practically think in English.

The thing is that I always get stuck while speaking. When I have to say something to somebody I have to think and rethink the sentence for like a minute before it gets off my mouth. Although, when I speak being alone (both inside my head or loudly) I can formulate complex sentences without making a single grammar error or trying to remember a word for some seconds.

Please, could somebody tell me how I can improve my speaking!!!

PS: Let me know if EL&U is the right community for this question.

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  • listen to BBC transmissions. – Lee Leon Sep 11 '17 at 8:03
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Many have the same problems as you do when they learn English few hours a week. I think the way to improve speaking fluently by teaching English . Volunteering your times to teach, first try elementary level with a dozen of Kids, you got to speak a lot and loud .

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