I had a conversation with a friend to describe how my divorced parents raised my brother and me:

My mom just had kids; my father knew he was raising future adults and took care in his instruction.

I am looking for a single word to describe my father's view of raising children, i.e., with foresight or in the manner of a mentor and guide with an eye to the future. "Foresightly" and "mentorly" aren't really words. Is there such a term for this?

  • There must be a reason you're looking for that single word. If it's to solve a crossword puzzle, sure, you need the word. But if it's so you can describe your father, I don't think you gain by using an obscure single-word description over an easier multi-word description. "With foresight" is clearer to me that "foresightedly."
    – Maverick
    Sep 7, 2017 at 20:13
  • Another multi-word phrase: “take the long view”. Sep 7, 2017 at 20:35

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'Foresightedly' seems like a perfectly good word to me! But how about 'providently'?

P.S. I think it should be 'me', rather than 'I', alongside your brother in the first line :)


If you are looking for a single word to describe your father's view of raising children with foresight or in the manner of a mentor, you can aptly say that he is mentorial or foresightful (or, foresighted) in raising children.

  • mentorial (adjective)

    Serving as a mentor; advisory, admonitory.

  • foresightful in British (ˈfɔːˌsaɪtfʊl) adjective possessing foresight
  • foresighted adjective

    Having or using foresight.

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