I'm looking for the one-word equivalent to the german word "Paktierer".

"to do a deal with so."

In relation to making a deal with the devil / making a deal with a demon (or perhaps other similar entities). It would translate to: "A person who made a deal with the devil / a demon."

We use the term frequently while playing DSA (The Dark Eye, german RPG) and I always wondered about a good english equivalent. The word should be usable to describe a person: "Bob is a X".


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It's not quite the right fit, but a warlock is a practitioner of magic who gains their power from a pact with the devil.


Since his name is arguably mostly associated with the pact he made with the devil, maybe 'Faust', 'Faustus', or uncapitalized 'faust', can serve as an obvious synonym for a person who made a deal with the devil, e.g. 'Bob is a faust'.

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